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An initiative by the AMM

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What is the AMM’s role?

Created in 1995, the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers is an organisation operating in the private sector. In its essence, it represents the interests of local manufacturers, otherwise known as “local industry”, who mainly satisfy the needs of the domestic market. One of AMM’s missions is to promote the Mauritian manufacturing industry and support it in its transformation. The Association of Mauritian Manufacturers will celebrate its 25 years of existence in 2020.


Who are the members of the AMM?

To date, the AMM’s growing list of members represent over 11 industrial sectors across Mauritius: the agri-food industry, beverages, chemicals, publishing and printing, the production of metallic and non-metallic materials, paper/cardboard, the service industry and personal care and hygiene products—to only name a few.

What is the link between the label and the AMM?

2012. A challenging time for Mauritian manufacturers who were suddenly faced with an influx of imported products. At the same time, the AMM made a keen observation: locally-made products are not only often of superior quality than their foreign counterparts, but they are also adapted to local needs and to the Mauritian culture.

Driven by renewed ambition, the AMM decided to mobilise its members and create a label that would allow local products to be easily identified and given more value. In 2012, eleven companies joined forces to establish a golden standard for the quality, freshness, traceability and adaptability of products manufactured in Mauritius. In collaboration and strategic partnership with SGS, a set of strict specifications were established to certify the superior quality of products.

In late 2012, a referendum was held, inviting Mauritians to choose and vote for their favourite logo. Made in Moris came into being in June 2013, positioning itself as a real differentiation tool.

The label adds value to Mauritian brands by bringing to the fore our identity, our values, our jobs and our know-how.

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What does the label mean for the AMM?

Made in Moris is, first and foremost, an industrial policy and strategy for the AMM. Beyond promoting the local industry, this move forms part of a larger push to ensure the competitiveness and resilience of the local manufacturing sector. Beyond products and employment, the local industry has a far-reaching socio-economic impact. The simple act of buying local means giving back to your economy and community. Made in Moris members contribute to the country’s economic growth, generate employment, encourage local and regional development, and strengthen the country’s social harmony.

Collectively, the AMM’s and Made in Moris’ activities support a diversified pool of entrepreneurs in their training, innovation, internationalisation and corporate social responsibility challenges.

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